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Photography Workshops

Over the past year I had been receiving quite a few enquiries for workshops and general photography/ editing advice. With that in mind I created an online workshop format where I am able to discuss your personal photography goals and areas you would like to improve on as well as work on some real time edits and scenarios for your specific needs. 

This tailored one-on-one format seeks to advise you on the particular aspects that you're interested in at a pace that works for you. Prior to the hour workshop we will establish what you want to achieve in your photography, the gaps in your knowledge and what you would like to improve upon. 

During these sessions we can cover many different areas of the photography process. We can look at tools to get the best out of your image and how to bring your visions to life, camera settings and manual mode, field craft, focus stacking, optimizing your photos for social media and much much more.

Further Examples of Topics

Please feel free to send an enquiry about a particular area or aspect that you haven't seen mentioned to and I would be glad to let you know what help I am able to give. 

My main priority is that you feel as though you have got value for your money and leave our session with a better understanding of how to achieve your goals and that you're motivated to go out and do the most important thing - ENJOY YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!

If this is something you would be interested in,

you can find pricing and availability on the button below. 



Many thanks and happy shooting! 

Jamie Hall

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