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Welcome and thanks for checking out my website.

My name is Jamie, a proudly multi-award winning, deeply passionate photographer and filmmaker.

Over the past decade I've worked hard on my craft so that Im able to provide professional photography services in many different styles for any occasion or scenariohence the name; '
Definitive Imaging'.

Whether it is
Photo or Video, Weddings or Events, Wildlife and Nature or anything you might think of, I have the passion and attention to detail capture images to be admired and moments to be looked back on and loved for all time.

Every photo session is very personal, we are all differe
nt, so whether it is your special day, your best doggo friend or something you're just greatly passionate about, my goal is always to capture personality, natural emotions and passion through the lens.


Below you will find some examples of my work, please feel free to browse through the albums by clicking the links. If you have questions would like to request a price list or make a booking, you can send me a message via the contact page






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Wildlife & Nature

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