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Post Workshop Feedback

Hello and once again thank so much for choosing to take one of my workshops. My aim is to offer pertinent advice at a pace a structure that suits you best. I want attendee's to walk away feeling that they have got the information and insight that they had hoped for and also got value for their money. 

This platform is still in its infancy, so honest feedback is very important to me so I can continue to improve and offer the best service possible. Below is a short survey with a few basic questions and two open fields. I would love to know any particularly good or bad parts of your experience, so please dont be shy and know that you cannot cause any offense by offering constructive criticism.

With your permission, I would like to include some testimonials on my website so others are able to read about your experience. Please feel free to write as long or as short a testimonial as would like if you are happy for it to be included along with your name on the website. 

Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon. 


Post Workshop Feedback
Did the workshop help you with your areas of interest?
What did you think of the value for money?
Would you think about another workshop in the future to help with other skills or hone your newley learnt skills?
Overall, how would you rate the workshop experience?
Would have hope for moreGot some ok info, but definitely needs improvingIt was quite benifical but room for improvement Met almost all my expectations and very happy with the session Couldnt have been better and feel very satisfied with the whole process

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill in the feedback form

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